The last time there was a student led march by Kennewick and Richland students at Lampson to the KSD Admin building, there were over 400 children; from grade school through HS Oct. 28th.

Now, there will be another such march coming November 18th, 10AM at Lampson Stadium Parking lot. Students are invited to gather there, and then the march will proceed to the Administration building on 4th Ave.

Last time, a number of Richland students were participants as they are in a similar position as Kennewick; delays or no concrete plan for returning middle and HS students to class.

The reason November 18th has been chosen is because that is the same day the KSD board will be meeting to re-examine the 3-2 decision to delay the older students til February 2nd.

Following a storm of emails, phone calls, protest marches and several legal challenges that are beginning, the board announced they will reassess the situation.

For more information on the student led rally, click on the button below.

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Oct. 28 student protest march

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