Yet another example of a misused or unattended heat source leading to a big fire.

Sunday, Benton County Sheriff's Deputies and fire crews responded to a property near Prosser, at 12504 Missimer Road, and found a large shed and camper fully engulfed in flames.

It seems the homeowner had left a space heater on inside the camper, but had not been monitoring it. The heater caused a fire to start inside the camper, it spread to the shed, and both were completely destroyed. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the fire did not spread to any other buildings or the property owner's home.

But Deputies emphasize this could have been prevented by not leaving the heater running without checking on it, or utilizing a 'safer' method of heating up the camper.

Between Benton, Franklin, Umatilla, and Morrow Counties, this is the fourth such heat source related fire in the last two weeks.

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