It was brought to our attention by some of our Newstalk Facebook friends...

Usually when information like this is passed along, we're initially skeptical. OK, rrrrriiiight...but in this case, it worked.

When you enter  in the URL bar (not search bar) on your computer, it re-directs you to  Which just happens to be the official White House website--at least for now.

We tried it 3 times in a row and it worked. We're not the only ones who noticed this...WTRF News in D.C. also picked up on it.

According to several sources, it is not clear who owns the domain name ""

We tried it with both upper and lower case "A" in antifa, and both link to the White House. Previously linked you to Joe Biden's campaign website, late last summer and fall.

It also briefly re-directed to Kamala Harris' campaign site. However, before you get too concerned, consider this.

A few brief bits of research show that anyone who owns a domain name can link, or redirect it to another one of their choice, and there's nothing the 'second' site can do about it.  If we wanted to, we could re-direct "" to as long as we own the newstalk domain name. In doing so, however, it renders the domain that's being redirected useless as it's OWN website. 

So, the end result is, find who owns the domain "" and you will know who is redirecting.

We ran through the website, who can look up and find who owns various domain names. This is what we found:

Domain Name:

Updated Date: 2020-08-14T19:04:21Z

Creation Date: 2002-04-24T12:35:11Z

Registry Expiry Date: 2021-04-24T12:35:10Z

Apparently the registry expires in April, so if you wanted you could go to and make an offer on it.  It would appear whoever owns, based upon these redirects, appears to be on the conservative or non-Joe Biden supporter side.


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