Wanted Suspect Arrested, Standing Behind Backing up Vehicle
Benton County Sheriff's now report the suspicious man arrested in Rancho Reata Wednesday night was wanted on an outstanding warrant.
But that's not the weird part. The suspect, 24-year-old Nathan D. Rich was wearing all black clothing head to toe, and when spotted, was standing directly beh…
'Weird' Behavior of Driver in Parking Lot Results in Bust
After getting reports of a suspicious vehicle lurking around the parking lot at 300 South Columbia Center Boulevard, police came to take a look.
After arriving at the parking lot of the Flower Farm (just south of the Flashcube HAPO Building) they found 23-year-old Jesus Nunez sitting in the car, and …
Woman Throws Mothers Walker, Gets Arrested at Sea-Tac Airport
A 53 year old woman was arrested after participating in an altercation and throwing her 80 year old mothers walker at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle. The incident started when a flight attendant asked the woman that was traveling with her mother to move a bag to the overhead compartment and put the seat…

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