A 52-year-old woman is in the Umatilla County jail on a plethora of charges after an interesting traffic stop.

Stanfield, OR Police say Shawn Salamanca was pulled over a few days ago for defective equipment on the car she was driving (probably tail light or something).

She exited the vehicle and proceeded to tell officers "she wasn't really driving the car."  She said she was only test driving it. While trying to sell officers on that one, illegal drugs were spotted inside the vehicle. Officers didn't say what they were, but she proceeded to tell them they were "fake drugs."

The report went on to say that goes right in line with the reportedly fake money found on her possession (counterfeit?).  Stanfield police and Umatilla County jail officials said Chinese writing on US currency was a giveaway the money was not legit.

Besides the drug charges, it's not known if she is in trouble for the counterfeit money as well.

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