I think "Rain, Rinse, Repeat" should be the  "Live, Laugh, Love" slogan of Seattle, Washington.

That phrase, however, doesn't capture the real essence of Seattle.

Seattle is infused with a vibrant energy that I haven't felt in other cities in the state.

Being the largest city in Washington, you will find dining, sports, arts, and cultural experiences that you can't find elsewhere. I long to visit the city more often, but living on the other side of the mountain pass prevents me from spending "quantity time" with my favorite city in the state.

I love the metropolitan city-slicker feel of downtown Seattle. I'm a city girl at heart!

@wendyinseattle I love Seattle #seattlesbeauty #seattle #seattlecheck #washingtonstatecheck #washingtonstate #seattle #colombianinseattle ♬ Remember That Night? - Sara Kays

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I love crossing the floating bridge that lets you know you've officially arrived in Seattle.


@lermasanchez Floating Bridge #lakewashington #seattlewashington #followers #viewerstiktok ♬ original sound - Lherma


Seattle is filled with things I didn't even know I needed in my life, like a SELFIE STUDIO!

@seattlerefined Say Cheese is a do-it-your-selfie studio created by Rina Kang, a Seattle-based dog photographer. Say Cheese is located at Say Woof, Kang's permanent dog photo studio in South Lake Union. It's the perfect way to get professional photos of yourself, you and your friends, a loved one or even your pup, without the pressure of posing in front of a photographer. Say Cheese is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday at 2215 8th Avenue, Seattle. Prices start at $95 for up to two people with a black and white or color background. Additional people or dogs are $20 each. You can book online. #seattle #selfie #selfiestudio #seattlewa #seattlerefined ♬ original sound - Seattle Refined


You also have many restaurants with amazing views of Lake Union and Lake Washington.


@seattlefoodieadventure Authentic Dim Sum in Lake Union at China Harbor! Yes, this spot used to be sketch AF and where the OG’S hang. They havr a new chef now and I can tell you the food here is delicious and worth trying! The view of the water and SLU is nice and parking is easy to find. If you spend over $100, they will give you a FREE crab. Must Try: Black Truffle Siu Mai, Typhoon Squid, and Egg Tarts! Have you been and would you go?! 2040 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 TAG your friends and comment below ⬇️ for questions! #seattle #eats #fyp ♬ RUN THIS TOWN X GANGSTAS PARADISE - ALTÉGO


I can't get enough of the cultural infusion of the International District and the Columbia District!

@findmeinseattle This weekend in Seattle is the Chinatown-International District Block Party. In honor of the FREE community event i wanted to share some facts about the neighborhood #findmeinseattle #seattle #chinatown #cidblockparty #blockparty #internationaldistrict #seattlefoodie ♬ original sound - Find Me in Seattle


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