Aside from the usual "surface" after-the-fact reporting, nobody is doing any real "digging" when it comes to Washington state politics and news.   Except, ShiftWA, that is.

Most of what we hear from Olympia when it comes to Gov. Inslee's performance and that of the legislature, is the hum-drum news about what bills are passing, what's failing etc.

But there's a definite undercurrent of political activity, and it does affect your daily life.   Why?   Policies made by legislators and the Governor impact prices, laws and the economy - which affect YOU and your FAMILY.

It seems each passing month brings a new batch of emails, papers, and other proof that Gov. Inslee is becoming increasingly "dirty", or at least "dusty."

As we've mentioned before, ShiftWA is an activist group committed to "shifting" balance of political power and activity in our state away from the leftist and progressive groups who've been active for years in Olympia.  In addition, they've unearthed mounds of credible information showing just how much "back-room"  or back-channel dealings have been used to create policies in our state.

Gov. Inslee, as it turns out, received well over $1 million dollars from numerous environmental groups to support his election campaign.  And now, it appears they're wanting their payoff in return.  ShiftWA points out that in December, 2013,  13 different environmental groups sent a letter to the governor impose a "moratorium on all new oil infrastructure projects in the state."

It certainly explains why he's chosen to enact the Executive Order that will, experts say, eventually lead to low-carbon fuels that will substantially raise gas prices for all of us.  What exactly they meant by all oil infrastructure projects remains to be seen.  Do they mean ports?   Roads?  Expansion of Boeing?   ShiftWA points out, they all use "oil."

It's ironic that Inslee pushed to hard for a transportation package to build and improve roads in our state, but his latest environmental policies appear if they come to pass, it will be too expensive to drive on them - unless you're a wealthy environmentalist who can afford to own an electric car...

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