Opinions flew at a recent Kennewick City Council meeting when a group of dog breed advocates requested that the City of Kennewick lift its' dangerous breed legislation, specifically Pit Bulls

The current ordinance in the City of Kennewick requires special permits for animals that are considered dangerous or potentially dangerous; this includes Pit Bulls or any Pit Bull mix.

Dog breed advocate Ashley Schoenwald spoke at the meeting and presented research she did on dog bites in the city over a 4 year period which shoed there were 177 reported bites in the city 18 of them were Pit Bulls, however, her research showed that Chihuahuas were reported as the dog breed with the most bites.

The City of Kennewick has until 2020 to decide if a dog who passes an AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test can have an exemption or to remove the legislation altogether.


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