The group began around July 31, with the hopes of providing information, education and input to get students back in local classrooms in Benton and Franklin County.

The BF Community Coalition for In Person Education has hundreds of area parents and citizens who have joined the private group. Interested parties can visit the site and ask to join.

By way of phone calls, some peaceful street corner protests, attending zoom meetings (when and where applicable) held by area school district officials, the citizens are trying to get kids back in class.

One of the resources they've been sharing is the website Let's Open Schools, which was put up by a group calling itself WA State Teachers, Parents, Medical Professionals Advocating for Fulltime In-Person Schools.

The website details facts and figures from the CDC, medical and educational experts and others who show the COVID rates and impact are minimal if any in school age children. The site also shows how depression is rapidly increasing due to shutdowns, and how the educational process is stunted by online learning only.

There are also opportunities on the site to sign up and show support and join the efforts to get schools re-opened in WA state and not just our area. The page also strongly encourages reaching out to, and putting 'polite' pressure on area officials to open.

KEPR-TV did a feature this week on a rally held by the group as well.

To find out more about Let's Open Schools, click on the button below.

  To see and join the Facebook group, search "BF Community Coalition for In-person Education" on Facebook. 

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