SWAT Team apprehends suspect in Kennewick (KPD)
SWAT Team apprehends suspect in Kennewick (KPD)


This auto theft suspect is facing a laundry list of crimes.

  Car theft leads to SWAT standoff in Kennewick

Shortly before 10 AM Monday, Kennewick Police responded to the parking lot at 813 Columbia Drive, where the Total Stop Convenience store is located and found a victim who had her car stolen by a 32-year-old male. His name was not released.

According to Police, the man had committed multiple violent crimes in Pasco and Kennewick prior to this incident, and probable cause was established (per the new legislative laws passed last year).

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Fortunately, the victim was not hurt in the car theft. Then later in the afternoon, around 2 PM Officers who were conducting extra patrols spotted the perp, and he fled on foot into a unit at the Heatherstone Apartments at 1114 West 10th.

   The suspect believed to be armed with a gun

Because it was suspected he had a gun the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team was called in. After a two-hour standoff, the man finally surrendered and was taken into custody without incident.

According to Kennewick Police:

"The suspect male was taken into custody for Robbery 1st Degree (Class-A Felony), Theft of Motor Vehicle (Class-B Felony), Unlawful Imprisonment (Class-C Felony), and Resisting Arrest (Gross Misdemeanor)."

No one was hurt in the incident at Heatherstone.


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