Yet another example of wanted felony suspects finding ways to get guns?

Or, gun 'laws' didn't prevent him from getting one?

Wednesday, Kennewick Police who were searching for a wanted felony suspect spotted him entering a home at 1103 South Johnson St. Jerry Porter not only had a local felony warrant, but one from the Department of Corrections for Escape from Community Custody.

According to RCW (revised code of Washington) which reads in part:

"An inmate in community custody who willfully discontinues making himself or herself available to the department for supervision by making his or her whereabouts unknown or by failing to maintain contact with the department as directed by the community corrections officer shall be deemed an escapee..."

It's like ditching your parole officer and check-ins.

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Police knew he was likely to be armed so SWAT was called in, and a variety of tactics were used to ensure the situation wouldn't escalate. Because he's a felon his weapons rights were revoked. Police found this handgun on him when he was arrested without incident.

He's now facing weapons charges along with his two outstanding warrant.s

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