The first question we wondered was, why is this guy back on the streets?

The man who was arrested for allegedly trying to steal-shoplift a rifle from Griggs Department Store in Pasco Tuesday is the SAME guy who broke into the National Guard Armory in February.

Earlier this year 35-year-old Kerry Errol Lloyd Brooks stole a Humvee from the Pasco Armory, drove it to the Yakima Firing and Training Center, and told authorities there he wanted to join the Army.

Well Monday, he entered the Griggs store in Pasco, and tried to steal a rifle. Police were called, and upon arrival found Brooks standing in the sporting goods section with the rifle slung over his shoulder, surrounded by store workers.

Pasco police say he's how facing a variety of felony charges, and reportedly could receive mental health assistance in jail. However, he did not make any threats to store workers, and did not threaten police. He surrendered peacefully.

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