Paint Van Thieves Surveillance Video Released [VIDEO]
Kennewick police have released some surveillance video footage of the culprits who stole a Smile A Mile Pain company van back on August 6th. The vehicle was taken from the Company lot at 8804 West Victoria Ave.
The theft occurred in the early morning hours, the van was later located having been aband…
Business Theft Suspects Captured on Camera
Kennewick police are seeking these two people, wanted in connection with an alleged break in at a Kennewick business.
Police say the incident took place in the 2800 block of West Clearwater. They didn't say exactly when it occurred, but the two were captured on film during the theft...
Cops Seeking Thief Satisfying Tobacco Fix
Police didn't mention which location, but they're seeking tips in locating the guy in the red shirt.
Police referred to him as "the red shirt" who allegedly stole a bunch of cigarettes from a Chevron location in Kennewick on August 20th...

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