Seattle authorities say the suspect(s) took some cash and a few office items, but the rest of this fish store break-in was strange. The storefront is in this picture.

  Burglars make off with at least 100 lbs. of expensive Salmon

The Seattle Fish Guys discovered Sunday morning someone broke into their store and stole 100 lbs. of various types of vacuum-packed smoked salmon, worth probably $2,800.

Many Seattle burglaries recently have been smash and grab, with suspects plowing a vehicle into the front of a store, and then stealing merchandise. Many of the break-ins have been in liquor or pot stores, but this was different.

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The owner told KIRO News they discovered the theft because the back part of the store was rummaged around. then they discovered the smoked salmon was gone. Some other kinds of fish were left behind, as well as non-perishable foods.

The burglars got in by drilling out the front door deadbolt with a large drill, according to the store owner. According to KIRO, the store owner said:

"they would’ve needed to have knowledge of some of the items they stole, including jerky and salmon collar, which she said was packaged inconspicuously."

However, the fish they took has to be refrigerated, so if they can't they better eat it quickly, said the owner.

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