According to the Port of Kennewick and the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, some major milestones have been met with development at Vista Field.

  Major building to be erected on the development site

For the last few years, a number of noticeable changes have taken place at Vista Field, the old Kennewick airport.

New streets lights, sidewalks, water features and more have been developed, with land parcels ready to be built on. Now, the TCAJOB is reporting a company from Camas, WA will be putting up a large building.

It will be a five-story 40,000 square-foot residential and commercial building, near the corner of Crosswind Boulevard and Azure (some of the new streets crossing Vista Field).

According to the TCAJOB:

"The development team of Vatik Dulo of Akula Group and investor Ryan Foster have plans for a facility that includes retail and eateries on the first floor, two floors of apartments in the middle, and two-story townhome-style condos at the top."

Another project will be built on the southern end of Vista Field, a $2.14 million-dollar project will renovate hangers at the field, put up pergolas, and build a large metal 'paper airplane' sculpture as well as other amenities.

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These two projects are significant milestones in the development of the area, says the City and Port of Kennewick.

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