Kennewick police have made an arrest in a case that stems back to 2002.

Sgt. Ken Lattin reported Tuesday 57-year-old David A. Wall has been charged with 2nd Degree Child Molestation.

The investigation began in July of last year when the allegations were brought to the attention of a Kennewick patrol officer. Detective Joe Santoy took the information and opened an investigation in August. Officials did not say if the victim or someone else provided the information to police.

The female reported Mr. Wall molested her with inappropriate contact beginning in January 2002, when she was 13, until December of that year.  Mr. Wall was apparently not related to the victim.

After Dectective Santoy finished the investigation, there was enough evidence to warrant the arrest and charges this week against Mr. Wall, and he is now in the Benton County Jail.