It took officials months of hard work, but an arrest has been made in connection with the deadly Sleepy Hollow fire in Chelan County, that in June 2015, burned a lot of buildings including homes.

   Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett reported Wednesday that 37-year-old Jeremy J. Kendall has been arrested and charged with 1st Degree Arson for allegedly starting the Broadview fire, often known as the Sleepy Hollow fire, last year.

The fire was traced to an ignition point in the 2600 block of Sleepy Hollow Road and burned 28 homes in the Northeast corner of Wenatchee. A number of commercial buildings also went up in smoke.  Investigators had initially questioned and searched the home of an 18-year-old man who had videotaped the early stage of the fire.

The man had told officials he'd been swimming near the Sleepy Hollow Bridge the day of the fire, June 28th. He saw smoke, followed it with a friend, and shot video of the fire, then called 911.  He was later cleared after officials searched his phone, home and questioned him.

Officials did not release much information, including how they were led to arrest Kendall.  More details expected to be released soon.


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