Usually it's drug dealers, violent criminals and such who get arrest warrants from Feds, but not restaurant owners! And it doesn't involve drugs or other such activity, either.

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington state issued an arrest warrant Thursday for Bellingham restaurant owner Zhao 'Jenny' Zeng-Hong, who owns the J&J Mongolian Restaurant.

The warrant stems from legal proceedings against her, and her husband Huang "Jackie Jie, who in May 2013 were found to have defrauded some 101 people who worked for them at the restaurant and related businesses they own. After a complaint was filed with the Department of Labor, an investigation found they routinely violated dozens of fair labor laws, including underpaying their workers, to the tune of over $1 million dollars!

They also threatened retaliation against four workers, saying they would fire them or cut their hours if they proceeded with their complaints to Labor.

Finally, after prolonged court activity, in 2015 a settlement judgement of $1.3 million was imposed on the two. However they were found in contempt because they failed to adhere to court-mandated orders they reimburse their workers the money they were due. They were repeatedly warned about not following the court orders, but still didn't act. Finally, the arrest warrant was issued for Zeng-Hong, who failed to show up in court for what's called a Debtor's Exam on October 5th.

According to the court, the couple sold property and did raise a significant amount of money, but didn't use it to pay their bills. They also filed for bankruptcy earlier this summer.  No word as to if they're still even in the country.