The tidal wave of resistance is growing against federal laws governing what snacks can be sold in schools.  School lunch isn't what is used to be.

Schools are finding ways to get around the federal nutrition laws that are now being referred to a "bake sale laws" just so they can keep generating necessary funds for activities.  Some have dropped out of federal lunch programs.   But that's not always an option for many schools.

Now, it's gotten even worse.

Georgia officials say while they can't afford enough teachers in some schools, they are going to be required to hire "food police."  Georgia State School Superintendent John Barge says they are now going to be required to hire monitors, who's job is to see if the schools are having bake sales, and if so,  if they're adhering to Michelle Obama's new food standards.

New standards have gone into effect that now render virtually all of the items schools sell at fund-raising bake sales to be deemed as "unhealthy."

They are referred to as such because over the last two years,  Ms. Obama has taken it upon herself to decide what's nutritious for your child.   The reason schools have having to cave in to these policies is because most districts across the country are part of the federally-funded school lunch program.

While Obama's children attend a private school, and are treated to deluxe specialty pizzas, sandwiches, salads and even dessert,   public schools have seen the new food standards backfire.

Officials in Georgia, CA and other states say the result of the new standards, which have produced tasteless small meals, is that students have stopped eating in the cafeteria.    Jack Carter, a school district official in Richland, South Carolina says, the only kids eating school food are ones who don't have any other options - the free and reduced meals.

He says pretty soon these new policies will produce a "new" segregation in schools.   Ones that can afford to break away from federal food standards and have good lunches,  and ones who can't and will be eating Michelle Obama's menus.

Los Angeles and CA officials last year said literally thousands of tons of food were thrown away because children would not eat such "treats" as bean paste salad, and hummus.

Federal programs are what provides the bulk of the money for free or reduced lunches in schools.  If you want federal funding, you have to play by their rules.

Recently, new food guidelines all but eliminated bake sales in many schools because the foods being sold didn't meet the new standards for nutrition.

Let's hope the Mid-Columbia schools continue with common-sense, tasteful meals and don't go off the deep end like Michelle Obama has with her food crusade.

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