The much ballyhooed trial of Barry Bonds is underway...Bonds is facing four counts of lying to federal investigators in 2003 over his alleged steroid use, and one count of obstruction.

Bond's defense attorney claims his trainer misled him into thinking he was taking other types of supplements and enhancers, but not steroids.  Bonds defense claims he thought the substances were 'flax seed oil and arthritis cream."  US attorneys called that defense laughable.  The Bay Area Labratory Co-Operative, or BALCO, was broken up by the Feds after it was determined the firm, and founder Victor Conte, as well as Bond's trainer, were supplying banned performance enhancers to not just baseball players, but numerous other professional and college athletes as well.  Conte and four others plead guilty shortly after the 2003 Federal Raid on BALCO.   Bond's trainer, Craig Anderson, is in jail for refusing to testify in the trial.  The judge ordered he remain there until he either chooses to testify or until the trial is over--which could take 4-6 weeks.  Let the Circus Begin.