We thought school sports were supposed to be inclusive!

The western Washington town of Camas had it's second cross country meet this fall cancelled because of a bear seen wandering through Lacamas Park, where the meet course was located.

According to the Camas High School athletic director, the race had just begun through the wooded course when a jogger coming off the course reported just having seen the bear.

Stressing the need for safety, the runners were recalled and the event cancelled pending a reschedule.   Previously, a meet was cancelled Sept. 25 over a similar bear sighting. Washington State Fish and Wildlife officials do not know if the bear spotted Tuesday was the same animal seen in September,  but said it is not uncommon this time of year for the animals to head to lower elevations in search for food prior to hibernating.

Lacamas Park is a heavily-wooded, 331-acre area often used for recreation and jogging by cross country teams. Officials say these have been the first bear sightings in the area in the last five years.

Had he been allowed to participate, we wonder how fast the kids would have run!



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