Heading into the Christmas weekend, it appears the lawsuit between WSU, OSU and the PAC-12's other schools will be ending soon.

  "Agreement in Principle" reached

According to The Center Square and other sources, the two remaining PAC-12 schools have reached this agreement, which will likely end the lawsuit.

A number of months ago, WSU and OSU sued, with paperwork in Whitman County Superior Court, to prevent the ten departing members of the league from having a say in how revenues are dispersed, voting rights on the future of the league, and other important matters.

According to The Center Square:

"In September, WSU and OSU filed a lawsuit in Whitman County Superior Court against the Pac-12 and commissioner George Kliavkoff, contending the departing schools forfeited their right to control operations, address liabilities, and distribute assets worth millions of dollars."

WSU and OSU were granted their injunction by the Whitman County Superior Court Judge on November 14th, that the 2 schools could be the only voting members of the league.

The final push to the settlement might have been the WA State Supreme Court refusing to hear arguments against this ruling from UW, who is representing the other 9 schools.

According to The Center Square and a statement by the two schools:

"(the)conference retains its assets and all future revenues, and the departing schools have agreed to forfeit a portion of distributions over the remainder of the 2023-2024 year.

The agreement also provides specific guarantees against potential future liabilities."

The NCAA will allow WSU and OSU to operate as a tw0-school conference for 2 years, both have a two-year schedule agreement in principle with the Mountain West to provide games for the next 2 seasons.

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