Possible charges are pending for a 14-year-old Benton City teen who's admitted to authorities he's been responsible for a recent string of spray paint incidents over the last week.

According to information posted on the Benton City Community Facebook, and other sources, the boy caused several hundred dollars worth of damage.

Sheriff's responded March 11th to reports of spray paint vandalism in the area of Jane Street, 13th, 14th and Loader Court.

Among the items tagged were  a car, camper, fence, sidewalk and stop sign.  A male body part was painted on the fence, and a racist word, said to the be "n" word, was painted the camper.

After an investigation, authorities spoke with the boy Wednesday the city's Middle School, where he provided details of what happened, and admitted to what officials are calling malicious mischief.

There's no indication it was gang-related.

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