A 19-year-old man will be sentenced February 6th for his role in an attack that killed 55-year-old Michael Edwards.

Noel Gonzalez, pictured at right, will receive sentencing on second-degree murder and first-degree burglary charges in connection with the attack on Edwards, who was found dead outside the Benton City Assembly of God church.

Gonzalez, in his plea bargain, acknowledged he went with 18-year-old Noah Matlack and knew he planned to rob Edwards.  However, Gonzalez denied actually seeing the fatal stabbing that killed the man.

Officers arrested the two after they were trying to sell some rare coins they had stolen from Edwards at a truck stop in Stanfield, OR.  Matlack has reportedly told officers Edwards owed him $2,500 and had planned to kill the man if he didn't pay him back.

Matlack, pictured at left in photo, is facing an April trial on first-degree murder charges.

(Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)

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