The plan was to stab a classmate to death at Kiona-Benton High School during the lunch hour and drag the body into a nearby orchard. Now the 17 year old, who was 16 at the time of the intended murder, will have 10 years in prison to think about his actions. The female teen accomplice will stand trial in July. The murder plot was foiled by two other teens who saw a suspicious person and ran him off. Get the whole story and names of the kids HERE.

I'm not sure how clean of a crime scene this kid was planning to leave, but I would recommend these TV shows for him to watch while he's in prison or to anyone who thinks they can get away with murder:

**Forensic Files

**Scorned: Love Kills

**Murder Comes to Town

**Homicide Hunter (Lt. Joe Kenda will catch you!)

**Evil Lives Here

**Fear Thy Neighbor

**Nightmare Next Door

**The Perfect Murder

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