A join resolution has been passed by the Benton County Republican Party, asking Gov. Inslee to consider that not all counties in the state are the same, and the impacts of COVID-19 are felt differently; and ultimately open up Benton County.

Of the state's 39 counties, it's clear that Gov. Inslee (based upon statistics, his own 'science' and numerous statements on video in his press conferences) bases his policy towards COVID pretty much on King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties and the Puget Sound Region.

This presents a skewed look at the rest of the state. While Benton has seen more cases than say, Adams, Lincoln or Walla Walla Counties, we're still in far better shape than the Central West Side. But Inslee applies his 'data' and 'science' to everyone as a one-size-fits-all approach.

KEPR-19 reports the resolution calls for in part:

"The Benton County Republican Party strongly supports the call from our Board of Commissioners to begin transferring authority from the sole discretion of the Governor’s office to local government bodies who have a better understanding of their communities needs than Olympia..."

This would allow local officials to make decisions based upon our own situations. Benton, Franklin and some other counties are considered too 'large' to apply for the sped up variances for Re-Open, like Lincoln and others have done. There are now double-digit numbers of smaller counties who are significantly sped up due to population. Larger counties need, say Republicans, the same local decision power.

The resolution has been sent to Olympia, as of Thursday. No word on what reaction will be from Inslee.

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