This video was posted by Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney as part of an effort along with Benton County Commissioner Will McKay, to get the state to relax or expand it's Phase 2 crowd allotments.

Currently under Phase 2, only 200 persons are allowed at fields, grandstands, venues (such as Toyota Center) for sporting events. As we have quickly learned, many HS parents are being 'locked' out of seeing their kids perform, regardless of sport.

During last Friday night's MCC football opening weekend, dozens if not hundreds of player's parents could not watch their athletes perform. Some chose to sit in vehicles in parking lots outside the gates, but only getting a dim view.

These 200 person allotments include the players, coaches, staff, workers etc. leaving little room for any fans. That's why there might be 80-100 fans allowed at upcoming TC Americans games...MAYBE.

Commissioner McKinney is urging parents and citizens to look at and join this effort to pressure officials into expanding these limits.  This is her video below. There is information in video and link as to how you can post pics of your HS Athlete, and put pressure on officials to raise attendance limits.


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