Unlike some states such as Mississippi or Alabama where Bernie Sanders got 'crushed' by as much as 50-65% margins, Washington state seems divided between whom Democratic voters want to see get the state's 34 delegates.

Whomever is the winner would grab the 34, however news reports are showing a split delegation.

With now 81 percent of the vote counted, Joe Biden as widened his lead to just over 22,000 over Sanders.  The data from the WA State Secretary of State's office and other election officials shows a 17-17 split on the delegates.

Biden has just under 449,000, Sanders 426,030 votes total. Elizabeth Warren is a distant 3rd with just over 132K, while Michael Bloomberg has just over 116K.

None of the other candidates (nearly all who have dropped out) have anything over 60,000.

According to sources as of Wednesday, Biden had 847 total delegates, to Sander's 685.  To win the nomination at the DNC later this year, Biden will need 1,990.

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