The poll, cited at and other news sources, was conducted by an arm of what's called the Northwest Progressive Institute.

Group conducting poll appears to lean left on many issues. shared this poll, conducted by The Cascadia Advocate, which claims Democrats have 3 of the top four candidates should Gov. Inslee not seek another term.

According to The Cascadia Poll, which only utilized results from less than 900 respondents, the four candidates who polled the highest are:

  • GOP Pierce County Executive Bruce Danmeier, a former legislator. (Very little name recognition outside of Pierce County)--35 percent
  • WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson---21 percent
  • WA State Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz---7 percent
  • King County Executive Dow Constantine--7 percent

The poll listed its plus-minus margin of error at 3.3 percent.  The actual number of persons polled was listed as 874, the poll did not specifically say where the respondents came from geographically--which part of the state.

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The Cascadia Group also shows a recent poll on their website where they claim a large number of Washington citizens highly favor taxing wealthier individuals. Several other polls and articles on their page appear to embrace a left-of-center approach to current issues.

However, despite the very small sample sizes, and the lack of geographical data (whether this is a King County or statewide poll) it does represent the first, and only such poll that has been done about the WA state 2024 governor's race that we have seen recently.

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