The group is loosely known as:  "Parents, Teachers, Medical Professionals Advocating for Fulltime In-Person Schools."

You've probably seen their information and work on Facebook the last few weeks. Led in part by legislative candidate Serena Sloot, this group consists of parents, teachers, medical professionals and others who are seeking for our area districts to offer in class education.

They have penned a letter to Gov. Inslee, legislators, the BFHD and WSDOH and other governmental agencies, full of information and data that supports in-class education.  The letter is officially called:

"Washington State Parents and Teachers Fight Back: “Not opening schools causes more harm”: An Open Letter from Teachers, Parents, Medical Professionals"

Their lead in to the letter reads in part:

"- A group of teachers, medical professionals and parents collaborated on a letter to Washington State Leaders Monday. The group claims that keeping schools closed causes more harm than the virus. The letter requests removing strict restrictions in Washington State OSPI Back To School Guidelines and re-opening schools for inperson instruction or per child school funds should be distributed to parents who choose to educate their children outside of the public school system. "

That has grabbed a LOT of attention. Either open classes as 'normal' (even if safety precautions are used) OR basically, refund money to parents to help pursue their own educational means.

The letter contains a LOT of information, but it is worth a read. To see the letter for yourself, click on the button below.

To reach out to the group, utilize the email address listed the letter.

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