For those who plan to indulge BIG TIME this Easter, we tried to look around for the biggest chocolate bunny available.

Now there are some that are built just for record-breaking purposes, those were not included.  We wanted to find some that you can actually locate, purchase, and eat without searching the globe.

We found a few belly busters that might work!

1)  The 5-pound Chocolate Easter Bunny by Figis.   This hollow monster stands about 2 feet tall, and will set you back about $80.00.  Available online.

2) If 5 pounds is a bit large, then maybe three?  Lake Champlain in Vermont offers a 3-pound, one-foot-tall rabbit make from a mix of dark and white chocolate.  Also found online at their website,  he's just $89.99.

If you're not into online shopping, probably the best bet is the Reeses'  one-pound bunny that's found in most grocery and retail stores.  But he's only one pound - how will you share with everyone else if you're a choca-holic?

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