With the NFL draft just days away, and given the recent legal issues of former WSU Star Ryan Leaf, we thought it would be a good time to review the biggest busts-or failures-in NFL Draft history.

Former WSU QB Ryan Leaf, who some felt was a better prospect than Peyton Manning, is atop the list.  Fueled now doubt, by his recent legal issues in Montana.   He's been arrested while out on bail related to prescription medication theft.   He also violated his probation from a similar issue in Texas.  While it is sad that he obviously has issues and addictions that compel him to do such things, the harsh reality is,  he actually did end up being #1, but the wrong list, and for all the wrong reasons.   Click here to see the rest of the list of the biggest busts in NFL Draft history.  (Some have actually gone on to success in other areas and have put football behind them).

  For a great sports trivia question, did you know after his departure (and that's putting it mildly) from San Diego, Leaf was given a second shot with the Dallas Cowboys in 2001?  Didn't work out.

Cowboys v Redskins

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