Super Bowl Sunday is known for its extravagant commercials, food, and more--oh, and a football game. How many chicken wings will we eat that day?

  Americans will eat chicken wings more than any other food

According to Tom Super, the Senior Vice President of Communications for the National Chicken Council, domestic (US) consumption of wings is estimated to be 1.45 billion wings this Sunday.  Yes, 1.45 billion. (each individual wing is counted separately.) 

Super says those numbers are actually a little flat, compared to 2023, the demand is there but due to increased feed costs and other rising expenses, the supply has not increased significantly over 2023. However, Super and the Chicken Council believe there will be a lot of opportunities for consumers to get specials on chicken wings, especially marketing from restaurants and grocery stores.

Super says if the supply were there, the demand would make this year noticeably higher than 2023.

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But, he says, don't wait til the last minute to order them.  As for our favorite dipping sauces? According to the Council's last survey, barbeque is  #1, ranch #2 and spicy varieties (as a whole)  #3.

The top side dish with the wings? French fries, followed by celery and carrots. (data from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting)

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