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Former Seahawk Michael Bennett Accused of Attacking Elderly Paraplegic
Multiple sources indicate former Seahawk Defensive lineman Michael Bennett has been indicted by Harris County, TX grand jury over an alleged assault case. The indictment came down Friday. According to the Daily Caller, Bennett was watching Super Bowl LI February 5th 2017 , as his brother Martellus was playing Tight End for the New England Patriots at that time...
Here’s Where to Catch the Big Game this Weekend!
Well, this weekend is the biggest game in American football! You know the one: the commercials, the halftime show, the snacks. If you're looking for a place to party and watch the game, where you don't have to clean up afterward, this list is for you...
Will Lady Gaga Be Gagged From Talking About Trump At Superbowl Halftime?
According to sources close to the halftime entertainer for Super Bowl 51, Lady Gaga has been 'warned' not to say, mention, or do anything in her performance that mentions President Donald Trump. The reason for the warning? She was an avid Clinton supporter, and she's never been known for being shy with opinions-even to the point of offending millions of people.

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