You may not know that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the five worst days in the U.S. for intoxicated drivers.

According to a variety of sources and the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), the day of the big game, especially after it's over, is where some astonishing numbers pile up.

For example, in Las Vegas at just one DUI checkpoint alone, police arrested 22 drunk drivers in 2019 after the Super Bowl. Another study released by AMS (alcohol monitoring systems, who monitor interlock driving statistics) shows repeat drunk driving arrests jump about 22 percent the day of the big game.

Officials also say the problem is magnified because people are either really happy by the outcome, or often pretty mad. That, plus alcohol, is a deadly combination behind the wheel.

West Richland Police and other local law enforcement agencies are participating in the NHTSA "Fans Don't Fans Drive Drunk" campaign.  They're urging people to designate in advance who is driving, and who is not. Law enforcement officials say most people don't even consider this when traveling to a Super Bowl party, deciding who's the designated driver.

So if you're not watching at home, make sure somebody sober has the keys when you leave.

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