Richland DUI canal crash (RPD)
Richland DUI canal crash (RPD)

Not only was the driver found to be inebriated, but they allegedly threw their empty booze bottle into the water, hoping it would float away.

  Richland driver plows truck into canal

Richland Police now say the driver of a pickup that was involved in a strange a accident on Monday evening was drunk.

Around 6 PM, RPD was called to the canal near the intersection of Steptoe and Tapteal, where they found this. The driver of the blue truck had somehow lost control and plopped their truck into the water.

The truck was partially submerged and the driver was not able to get out, said Police. After a lengthy effort they driver was finally extricated and clearly showed signs of impairment.

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Richland Police said the man tossed an empty liquor bottle into the water, probably hoping it would float away and not be found by officers.  It was.  He is now facing various charges related to DUI and the crash, but he did not suffer serious injuries.

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