WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office announced that 30 felony charges have been filed against a woman who lives near Sequim who had a shocking number of neglected animals in her care. It's already being called one of the worst animal abuse incidents in recent state history.

Sequim is about 67 miles northwest of Seattle on the north side of the Olympic National Forest, across Puget Sound.

   The woman's home had slippery floors from animal waste

Clallam County Sheriff's Officers said the smell of ammonia and urea (from animal waste) was eye-stinging inside the home, even when wearing a mask. And, the floors of the woman's home were caked and slippery from animal feces and urine.

The AG's office says the charges have been filed against Angela Jacobsen following an ongoing investigation and a series of events leading back to December of 2021. According to the AG's office:

"The criminal charges stem from the discovery of hundreds of dogs, turkeys, pheasants, goats and more on Jacobsen’s property that were living in unsanitary conditions — both inside and outdoors — without access to food or fresh water. Some animals had bite wounds, and many were emaciated, malnourished and dehydrated."

Jacobsen had reportedly reached out to an animal support and rescue group known as WAG, or Welfare for Animals Guild, for some help with some animals she said she could not care for, or was having difficulty with. This began in November of 2021.

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After numerous visits to her property, citations, and other discussions, officials finally proceeded with the felony counts. During one of the visits, according to the AG's report, Officers were met with a shocking scene:

 "All of the floors were slick with accumulated feces and urine. Chickens and dogs ran wild throughout the house. Live and dead animals were caged together, including ferrets and chickens. Dead ducks were located on the kitchen and bathroom counters. Jacobsen provided no food or accessible water for any of the animals kept in her house."

The AG's office says Jacobsen is facing a maximum possibility of five years in prison and a $10K fine for each of the 30 felony counts. Officials have not yet released information about pending court appearances.

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