According to the Seattle Times and New York Post, the cause of death of a Boeing whistleblower was a "mystery" infection.

  45-year-old worker dies

Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor at Spirit Aerosystems, was said to have been in good health before being admitted to a hospital about two weeks ago with a mystery infection.

According to the NY Post:

"Dean had raised the alarm about defects while working at Spirit Aerosystems, a Kansas-based company which manufactures aircraft parts for Boeing in 2022. Less than a year later he was fired.

“I think they were sending out a message to anybody else,” Dean later told NPR of his firing. “If you are too loud, we will silence you.”

Dean, who was from Kansas, was admitted to the hospital when around April 21st, his health crashed. He was diagnosed with influenza B, MRSA, and pneumonia. A CT scan showed he may also have suffered a stroke. Doctors at one point considered amputating his hands and feet as they began to turn black, baffling medical personnel.

Dean, who worked for the Boeing subcontractor since 2019, raised a flag about improperly drilled bulkhead holes for various parts on Boeing 737 Max aircraft, but apparently found bringing up the issue got no response from management.

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About two months ago, another whistleblower, John Barnett, died of an 'apparent' self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Attorney Brian Knowles, who represented both men, said he "would like to see the evidence from the investigating authorities.” when it comes to growing theories linking the deaths of the two men.

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