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According to reporting from AM 770 KTTH's Jason Rantz in Seattle, and other sources, the anti-Israel protests in the Quad area on the Univesity of Washington Campus is looking a lot more like CHAZ or CHOP from a few years ago in Seattle.

   Protestors using stolen bike racks build barricades while Police watch

 Rantz reported on Monday about the latest developments in Seattle. UW apparently 'gave' the protestors, whom Rantz said were Antifa, materials to make barricades to keep Jewish or "Zionist" people out of the area. Rantz says over the weekend, UW Campus Police, flanked by WSP Troopers, stood by while these protestors (using the stolen bike racks and other materials) built the barricades intended to keep Jewis persons out of the area.

The protest encampment, which is known as the UW Liberated Zone, has become increasingly hostile to Jewish students, persons, and others. Over the weekend, about 500 people participated in a pro-Jewish march, that was intended to go through the occupied area to show they were not intimidated.

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Rantz reports the way the barricades were set up, the only way the marchers could go through the area was right through the most 'dangerous' area of the Zone. According to Rantz:

 "The UW Liberated Zone has grown increasingly hostile and violent towards Jews and perceived Zionists (code for “Jews” or “supporters of Jews”). Last week, an activist assaulted UW professor Stuart Reges (on video) as other encampment antisemites stalked and harassed him. UW President Ana Marie Cauce would not provide a comment on the incident out of fear she’d upset the antisemites."

Some UW faculty and others are saying the encampment has grown and "taken over" the Quad area of campus. Rantz says black-hooded "fake" security guards follow people and walk around with the intent to intimidate others. He also says it appears many of these participants are clearly not UW students.

The situation has grown very tense, and without any real comment from UW officials. According to Rantz:

"While the UW comes down hard on fraternities that throw reasonable parties, the administration has allowed the encampment to govern itself and enforce strict border rules around who they allow inside the public space. The administration said it will only intervene when the situation becomes life-threatening."

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