According to sources close to the halftime entertainer for Super Bowl 51, Lady Gaga has been 'warned' not to say, mention, or do anything in her performance that mentions President Donald Trump. The reason for the warning? She was an avid Clinton supporter, and she's never been known for being shy with opinions-even to the point of offending millions of people.

However, according to E! Entertainment online, the NFL says that's wrong, there's been no warning.

A rep for the NFL says such stories are just people trying to "stir up controversy" where there is none. The controversial singer was photographed holding a "Love Trumps Hate" sign outside the Trump Tower after the voting results were announced in November. According to CNN and other sources, Gaga threw her support behind Clinton as early as last April, and campaigned for her in North Carolina among other locations.

The show might be interesting in other ways, some reports indicate she plans to perform part of her routine from the roof at Houston's NRG stadium. She has left a long line of controversial behavior and songs in her wake, including wearing a dress made of meat to protest animal cruelty, videos filled with imagry unfit for young viewers, statements about sexuality, and a song called 'Judas' that took major swipes at the Catholic church. Some say it's about 50-50 the chances her performance will contain at least some negative reference to the new President.

As for our opinion? If Metallica were doing the show we'd watch. This year, we will (as we often do) watch Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl during halftime. Our youngest daughter will make sure of that!

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