You remember how the golden tickets got a group of children and parents into the rare and exotic Wonka Candy Factory? Bud Light has taken that to a whole new level!

Starting Monday, November 28th, blue Bud Light cases started appearing on store shelves everywhere, picturing one golden can in the collection.

According to and other sources, the Bud Light Strike Gold contest could result in some lucky fan winning Super Bowl tickets for the next 51 years!

The specially marked 18, 25 and 30-can packs show one golden can amongst the blue ones.

If you find a Golden Can inside your pack, take a picture of it with yourself and post it on their Facebook page, and after the contest ends January 13, one lucky random winner will be chosen to win the BIG prize.  A number of other winners will also be chosen who will win one set of Super Bowl stubs.

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