We found out first-hand, Black Friday is crazy.At the bequest of the wife, who had to work Friday,  I drove out to Columbia Center Mall in search of a stuff, animated Christmas tree, who sings various songs.  We love that kind of stuff, but I was never able to find out if the store in question had any left.

You see, it took ten minutes just to get into the parking lot, another 10-15 to get across the parking lot, and I spend probably another 20 minutes searching for a spot.    Just when I saw one,  there would be three cars in line ready to jump.  Or, our favorite, you're going up a parking row and on the other side-down the next aisle, you see an open slot. But by the time you get there,  somebody's already grabbed it.  All, told 52 minutes spent trying to find a place to put my truck.   And don't even think about double parking, or illegally putting yourself on yellow marked off space.   I saw two two rollbacks carrying perfectly running vehicles out of the lot.  The mall security guard working traffic looked pretty busy!

After all this futility, I decided to try again-late this weekend.   Cyber Monday is looking better and better everyday.

Check out these pictures, taken during the noon hour Black Friday.

(Townsquare media image)