This is the most bizarre story of 2021 so far in the Columbia Basin.

Kennewick Police are still deciphering what compelled a blind man to get behind the wheel of a truck in the Safeway parking log on Kennewick Ave. and then move it.

Police were called to the store around 8AM Tuesday morning and found a 62-year-old man had crashed into the front cart parking rack at the front of the building.

From what we know, Christian Searcy had reportedly been in the truck during the night, why he was in the parking lot has not been made clear.

Apparently he started the truck, put it in gear then crashed into the store. Police said he is blind, but did not say to what degree.

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He apparently cooperated with police, he was said to have had a knife on his person, but put it away when asked by officers.

One of the store's front pillars sustained some damage, but not serious, beside wrecking the cart parking unit.

What is still unknown is what he was doing in the truck, why he was reportedly there during the night, and why he started it and tried to move.

Police said he's possibly facing a charge of driving with a suspended license. It is quite possible his blindness is 'legal' when it comes to driving vehicles. There are people who can still see, they have really bad vision, but they can still see objects and colors.

We hope to find out more soon about this situation. No one else was hurt during the incident.


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