Debate Settled--Illegal For Unsecured Animal in Back of Truck
Straight from the Benton County Sheriff, it's illegal for a dog or animal to be riding in the back bed (regular, flat, or otherwise) of a vehicle or truck unless it has a suitable cage, enclosure or harness.
Sheriff's deputies say they're seeing an increase in the number of animals (es…
DUI Driver Destroys Suspension With Infant in Vehicle
Early Sunday evening, Benton County Sheriff's responded to a report of a crash involving a large pickup near Old Inland Empire Highway and Griffin Road.
The driver, identified as Kimberly Rodriguez, had apparently caught her front tires in the large ditch lip seen in picture, then bounced and sl…
Drunk Driver Rams Wall at Intersection--Tries It Again, and Again
Kennewick police continue to investigate what (besides likely alcohol) prompted a driver to repeatedly ram his pickup into a retaining wall near the intersection of Columbia Center Boulevard and Willamette early Friday night.
Around 11pm, police arrived after getting reports of the truck ramming the …

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