Stubborn Hay Stack Fire Consumes Worker's Vehicle
Tuesday afternoon, Benton County Fire crews battled a haystack fire that was located on AgriNorthwest Property, near Plymouth and Tyrell Roads.
Deputies who responded say the farm employee parked his truck next to the large tall stack, and the heat from underneath the truck ignited the dry grass belo…
Man Missing After Vehicle Found Crashed off Rural Road
Umatilla County Sheriff's officials have  turned to the public in their efforts to locate a man who's been missing since July 26th.
They say this man, 18-year-old Casey Hale of Milton-Freewater, was last seen around 11am near Camp Kiwanis driving on Mill Creek Road by the Washington-Or…
Debate Settled--Illegal For Unsecured Animal in Back of Truck
Straight from the Benton County Sheriff, it's illegal for a dog or animal to be riding in the back bed (regular, flat, or otherwise) of a vehicle or truck unless it has a suitable cage, enclosure or harness.
Sheriff's deputies say they're seeing an increase in the number of animals (es…

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