Truck stuck on tracks near Finley (BCSO)
Truck stuck on tracks near Finley (BCSO)

The Benton County Sheriff's Office continues to chase down the driver of a truck that was found high-centered on railroad tracks east of Kennewick.

  The truck was found on the railroad bed near Two Rivers Park

Late Tuesday night, Deputies were called to the general area in Finley near Schuster and Finley Road about a white Chevy truck that was seen driving at very high speeds on the county roads.

Then came a report that the truck had crashed. When Deputies got to the scene, they found the truck had been abandoned after becoming high-centered on the railroad tracks near the intersection of Schuster and Finley Roads. 

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The BCSO isn't sure why, but it appears the driver was trying to use the railbed instead of the county road. BCSO says this is the second crash-related incident this week where the driver (and possibly occupants) fled the scene.

Burlington Northern Railroad was notified to prevent any train activity in the area until the truck could be removed.

The truck has been towed for further investigation.


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