Earlier this year, the Tri-City Water Follies made the decision to cancel the boat races for the second year in a row. As covid restrictions relaxed, a lot of reconsiderations were made, but with restrictions. You might have heard that only 9000 people would be allowed per day. That has now been changed to unlimited! (you lose, covid!) You know, like the old days lol. Now your zone pass is good for all zones. So you can wander without the fear (but I still see people driving alone wearing masks!). However, your VIP parking has a zone assigned to it and that must remain. Concessions were a big fat question mark for a while. Now there will be concessions! Everyone was wondering if there would be beer gardens since you can't bring your own alcohol in. Beer Gardens will be in certain zones shown in the post below from the Tri-City Water Follies. Some rules have never changed, like no adult beverages brought into the area, and please no glass bottles. Let's all sing the Happy boat race song! Boat races, boat races, I wonder who won. I got drunk and had too much fun...Ahem, and you know as well as I do that it's true for lots of folks over the years. I'll let you finish the rest of the lyrics, as I have to go see if my giant pink flamingo floaty will hold air. It's been to 6 boat races now, but it's so hard to jump and stay on, that I've never actually floated on it.


Paul Drake/TSM

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