An Uzbekistan native is facing federal charges in Idaho and Utah for allegedly plotting and working with an Islamic terrorist organization.

Fazlidden  Kurbanov, 30, faces trial on July 2 for a variety of charges. The man, who reportedly was employed in Boise as a delivery truck driver, is facing charges in two states. According to Northwest Cable News:


Kurbanov both conspired with individual terrorists to carry out illegal activities and conspired with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a known terrorist organization. The charges state the Kurbanov also provided material support and resources to the organization, including computer software and money.

The indictment out of Idaho also states that Kurbanov possessed a hollow hand grenade stuffed with a hobby fuse, aluminum powder, potassium nitrate and sulfur on or about the time of Nov. 15, 2012.

He is also is facing Utah charges as well:

A separate federal grand jury in Utah also returned an indictment charging Kurbanov with distributing information about explosives, bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

David Barlow, the U.S. attorney in Utah, said the grand jury alleges that Kurbanov provided written recipes for how to make improvised explosive devices and went on instructional shopping trips in Utah showing what items are necessary to buy to make the devices. He said Kurbanov also showed Internet videos on the topic.

He is accused of conspiring with the overseas terrorist organization.  He will likely face the Idaho charges first, before those in Utah. Officials did not specify if his activities were intended for terrorist acts in Idaho, Utah, or other parts of the United States.