Police are saying you should act on the side of caution, and do NOT confront criminals, but are also praising the courage of a Pasco citizen.

   Authorities say the incident began with a stolen vehicle that was taken from the 1700 block of North 7th. The red Chevy Blazer had been left unattended with the engine running around 5:30pm Monday.

The suspect pictured, Arturo Hernandez of Pasco, 34, allegedly stole the Blazer, and drove off. A witness was able to give an excellent description to police about the suspect.

Then about half an hour later, in the 1600 block of West Octave, the homeowner saw the front door was open, and Hernandez was inside. The people in the home were able to 'detain' him until police arrived.  We're not sure what methods they used, but Hernandez looks a little disheveled in his mug shot.

Pasco police, on their Facebook page, said for the record, they don't recommend residents confront criminal suspects, but this homeowner had the courage and confidence to pull it off, and thanks for the help.

Hernandez is facing residential theft and burglary charges.

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