After several months of virtual inactivity, some new developments in the ongoing murder investigation involving a former Pasco police officer,as his attorney has presented what he says is evidence the man could not have committed the crime.

Richard J. Aguirre is a former standout Pasco police officer who's allegedly been linked to the 1986 murder of a Spokane prostitute. Ruby Doss was found strangled to death, and DNA evidence reportedly linked Aguirre to the crime. He was arrested last summer and has been in jail since.

While his defense team says it's possible the DNA was present because of a previous "relationship" he might have had with her, Attorney John Browne now says the murder was geographically impossible.

Browne has now filed a motion to have the murder charge dropped completely, because Aguirre, who was in the Air Force, was stationed in South Korea when Doss was murdered. According to KEPR-TV, the evidence, backed by certified military records, provide Aguirre with a "complete alibi defense."

He is scheduled to go on trial in Spokane County Superior Court  June 20th on one count of first-degree murder with sexual motivation.