Some significant news, this week both the Pasco and Richand School Districts have voted to return to full week in person classes K-12, but it hinges on what happens at state level.

Pasco on Tuesday voted 4-1 via the school board, to return to M-F in person class and they plan to at least prepare for it.

Richland also voted this week, during their first in person meeting in many months, also attended by a number of people in person, and the vote was unanimous.

No official word of any such consideration in Kennewick yet.

Both Districts plan to move forward with preparation. However, the caviat here is, will the state adopt the new CDC guidelines for schools; moving from 6 feet spacing to 3 feet?  IF the state adopts this plan, then RSD and PSD will move ahead with M-F full time.

Washington state is, even in our region, lagging fairly far behind many other states who have all students back at 100 percent. The number of fulltime in class states is growing steadily. .

Washington now has just over 28 percent of it's students back in some sort of classes statewide,  our margin here is much higher. Much of that low percentage is in the major urban areas of Seattle, Tacoma and King County. Our area numbers are much better than 28 percent, but nationally, we're 46th.

Five days ago, the CDC changed it's stance, and while saying students still need some distance, they moved from 6 to 3.

However, don't hold your breath, because the Seattle Times reported immediately following the CDC announcement, that WA school officials and Gov. Inslee don't plan any immediate changes to the six foot rule. However, the proclamation issued by Inslee requiring all schools to have students in some sort of classroom teaching by early to mid April could affect that.

So, area school districts will be preparing, but it will depend upon whether the state decides to drag it's feet.

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